Harvest of the Dead (2015)

Four teenagers, Amy, Melissa, Hailey and Tess venture out into the British countryside for a weekend camping. After a while it becomes clear that they are not alone as an unknown figure watches them. The first night they sit around the campfire and tell each other scary stories. One involves a strange video they saw on the internet, another involves possessed pumpkins and the final tells the tale of The Plague Doctor. 

Slowly over the next day each girl is killed, one by one, until only Amy survives. 

Drugged, she awakes in a strange room and suddenly the real terror can begin!!

Directed by Peter Goddard


Written by Peter Goddard, Tezz Elliot, Rob Talbot,  Jackson Batchelor,  Sam Mason Bell  and Mark Harris


Sound: Mark Harris


Produced by Gemma Wilks, Lisa Ward, David Rogers and Peter Goddard


Starring: Fiona Fox, Hana Coley, Tim Faraday, Holly Ransom, Julie Grant, Terence Elliott,  Gemma Wilks, Alexandra Hansler, Jessica Sargent, Phoebe Haffenden, Neil Bishop, Rob Talbot, Kevin Hallett, Daniel Coffey, David Rogers,  Carl Wilkins and Lee Macdonald.