Season of the Witch (2009)

Mary Blackwell travels back to her hometown of Maiden Hollow. She takes her two children Alice and Sam with her. Whilst there they discover a tiny village, which has been isolated from surrounding towns. The villagers are initially hostile towards the new family, but grow to accept them. Local priest Michael Howdy, however, takes an unhealthy interest in Mary's daughter Alice. Villagers Harry Price, John Elliot and Tom Hopkins, notice this interest and keep a close watch on Michael. After being involved in a car crash some years back, Michael has suffered head and brain injuries which spark off a series of surreal fantasies confusing Alice with his dead wife Isobel . Michaels illness invades his mind and his sanity leading to him finding himself in position he could never have intended. The villagers enact swift and callous retribution only realising the horror they have committed at the last moment when it is already too late....

Written and directed by Peter Goddard

Produced by Daniel Coffey

Music by Samuel Clark


Alice Blackwell - Beth Kingston

Michael Howdy - Tim McConnell

Mary Blackwell - Nicki Salmond

Harry Price - Barry Robbins

John Elliot  - Daniel Coffey

Tom Hopkins - Andrew Ledger

Scott Bradley - Tezz Elliot

'British horror completists will find the movie worth their while'


M.J Simpson - author of 'Urban Terrors'

'Goddard has injected the fact he knows how to craft a story and despite the shoe string budget, manages to cause effect that many big house staples fail to do. With influences to other British cult films including ‘The Wicker Man’ and ‘Blood on Satan’s Claw’ it’s easy to see how on a bigger budget this would be a classic and looking past the imperfections that come with a directorial debut, it is a superb entry to the genre that is a must for all fans of British horror.'


Martyn Wakefield - Blood/Guts website