Goddard has injected the fact he knows how to craft a story and despite the shoe string budget, manages to cause effect that many big house staples fail to do. With influences to other British cult films including ‘The Wicker Man’ and ‘Blood on Satan’s Claw’ it’s easy to see how on a bigger budget this would be a classic and looking past the imperfections that come with a directorial debut, it is a superb entry to the genre that is a must for all fans of British horror.


Martyn Wakefield - Blood and Guts on Season of the Witch


The movie is pretty cool and really reminded me of several European 70s horror films. There's some eerie rural locations, the string-laden score is pretty cool and the finale is badass and very well done.


Maynard Morrissey - Horror Movie Diary on Season of the Witch

The results are suitably unsettling and unpleasant. There is enough evidence in Goddard’s work to suggest the director should be one to look out for in the future.


David Gillespie - Horror Cult Films on Season of the Witch

The Season of the Witch kept me interested for 98 minutes and British horror completists will find the movie worth their while. 


M.J Simpson - Urban Terrors on Season of the Witch

This excellent film has it all murder, ghosts, dark and deadly secrets, drama, romance, and the supernatural all combined to create this British masterpiece. True to the English movie style this starts off kind of slowly but leads to the revelation of horrific events that took place many years ago.
One day a shocking discovery of something hidden inside a tree is made. I don't want to give anything away but this is a really good movie definately worth a watch


Raven - Amazon reviwer on Any Minute Now

***** out of *****

Inside Peter Goddard is a creative genius that is etching to put his vision to the screen and in ‘Any Minute Now’ he gets that little bit closer and certainly proves that Goddard is a director to watch out for. With a stricter editor and better sound quality, this could be a cult classic. Its dark undertones and haunting climax show why independent cinema is the force to reckon with. Much like last years ‘Railway Children’, patience pays off and as the plot plays out, the story meanders from one direction to another until it comes to its chilling and eerie conclusion.


Martyn Wakefield - Blood and Guts on Any Minute Now

Any Minute Now is a slow burning, supernatural thriller with disturbing, surreal imagery and an enthusiastic young cast. Goddard has proven once again that he is able to produce something of great promise with very little and I would be keen to experience what he would do given a proper budget to work with.


David Gillespie - Horror Cult Films on Any Minute Now

 There are moments that suggest director Peter Goddard loves his MR James, and Herk Harvey’s Carnival of Souls, and quite possibly Night of the Living Dead as well. In an era where most micro-budgeted stuff is still trying to create a zombie apocalypse with a bucket of red paint and some awful heavy metal, it’s actually quite refreshing to see there are filmmakers out there who are trying to achieve something a bit more subtle.


John Lewllyn Probert - This is Horror on Any Minute Now