Any Minute Now (2013)

When her parents decide to separate, sixteen year old Anna Brooks is sent to spend the summer in a small coastal town with her old fashioned aunt and uncle, Jennifer and David Collingwood. Anna is narcoleptic and suffers traumatic hallucinations as side effects to her medication. Whilst living in small town suburbia several bizarre incidents take place which lead Anna to question her own sanity. Is it really all in her head or is something more sinister going on in the small sleepy town?

Directed by Peter Goddard

Produced by Daniel Coffey

Written by Peter Goddard, Darren Barber and Ruiadhri O'Mahony

Music by Samuel Clark


Anna Brooks - Mhairi Calvey

Lawerence Phillips - Lee Macdonald

Josh Roberts - Ryan Spong

Abigail Hartford - Alexandra Hansler

David Collingwood - Darren Matthews

Jennifer Collingwood - Philippa Tozer

Lydia Caufield - Tallulah Webb


'Inside Peter Goddard is a creative genius that is etching to put his vision to the screen and in ‘Any Minute Now’ he gets that little bit closer and certainly proves that Goddard is a director to watch out for. ' 


Marytn Wakefield - Blood/Guts website

'Any Minute Now kept me engrossed and by the end I was really digging the film. Goddard set out to make a distinctly British ghost story, tapping into that whole British Horror Revival thing by setting it very much in the domestic, realistic hear-and-now. The result, which premiered at the 2013 Festival of Fantastic Films alongside Season of the Witch, can be judged a success.'


M.J Simpson - author of 'Urban Terrors'